Tamar Braxton Was Found Unresponsive In Downtown Hollywood Hotel

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Salacious gossip site TMZ reports that Los Angeles law enforcement officers answered a distress call at the downtown Ritz Carlton Hotel late Thursday evening. They were responding to a 911 call regarding an attempted suicide of an unidentified woman; however, when the police arrived, allegedly, the woman in question was Tamar Braxton of the hit reality series, Braxton Family Values.

Allegations that Tamar had attempted to take her own life were further exacerbated when her boyfriend, David Adefeso, revealed to police that he suspected Tamar had overdosed on alcohol and pills. By the time the story broke earlier today, the reality show star and younger sister of icon pop R&B vocalist Toni Braxton had been admitted into the hospital, but her condition was unknown.


There are no confirmations about what might have been troubling Tamar, and to such a degree of disturbance that she would want to harm herself, however, according to TMZ’s reporting, Adefeso shared with police that Tamar “had been upset earlier in the day, and had threatened suicide.” EMT workers later found her in the hotel room, unresponsive, and though her boyfriend suspected a suicide attempt, there was no note.

Over the years, Tamar has had her personal life play out on national television. She and her music mogul husband Vince began appearing on the Braxton’s reality series, seemingly a happily married couple, but then things seemed to change. 


I shared with celebrity gossip guru Rob Shuter on today’s episode of the “Naughty But Nice” podcast, that it seems as time went on, tensions mounted as Tamar grew frustrated by a luke-warm music career that fell exceedingly short of the success of her big sister, Toni.

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Then too, Vince was the talent manager of big-name talents such as Lady Gaga, and on the ‘Braxton’s reality show, the couple would sometimes argue as Tamar took Vince to task for not pushing her career further by not making things happen such as “putting her on tour with Gaga.” This was a request to which Vince claimed he could make no-decision. Tamar and Vince’s relationship deteriorated in front of the world with the added drama of accusations of infidelity, physical abuse, separation, and ultimately a tumultuous divorce. 

Any reasons for why Tamar would attempt suicide would be speculation at this point but I have noticed that reality shows, in general, seem to do a lot of damage to celebrity lives. From Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, Bobby Brown and Whitney, to Cynthia Baily and Peter Thomas, and Tamar and Vince, reality shows can sometimes be the kiss of death for relationships. Celebrities might want to take these warnings to heart before living out their lives on television every week.

As for Tamar, though, there’s a bit of irony as she had just begun working on a new show called “Get your life,” which is the popular urban expression for going out in the world and seizing the moment to be your best self. Hopefully, she’ll take the show’s title to heart. We wish her a successful recovery through all of this and hopefully she’ll take the time to reflect and heal … without the camera’s rolling.

We’ll keep you posted as this story unfolds.

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