Tan Time, Trimming The Tree, And Sexy Santa

Gustavo Naspolini (via Instagram)

Sharing some favorite Instagrams from the week beginning with Gustavo, who worked on his Brazilian summer tan:

Trevor LaPaglia and Rich Burns got into the holiday spirit with some sexy Santa action:

Surfbearla did a photoshoot:

Ricky Martin kicked way back on a flight from Chile to LA:

Okkar Min Maung got ready for his first concert in LA:

Silvio enjoyed the view (and we did, too):

Adam Rippon trimmed his Christmas tree:

Flavio went chasing waterfalls:

Paul Cassidy was ready to wrestle:

THAI got his meal prep on:

Davicapp found some sexy lighting:

How Rhino Robbie starts his days:

Jim Newman pondered an age-old question:

Sam Cushing’s new mantra – Enjoy your body:

Jordan came up with a different kind of mantra:

Austin Wolf demonstrated the difference between big and bigger:

Merry Christmas from the Australian Firefighters Calendar crew:

Ramon Ventura couldn’t resist a gym selfie:

And Jonathan Bennett is super excited for the premiere of his new Hallmark Christmas movie “The Holiday Sitter” tonight:

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