Tanzania Bans Sexual Lubricants In Crackdown On Gays

If you can't beat em, take their lube away?  It is unknown who thought of getting rid of sexual lubricants in the country of Tanzania, but I don't think they thought things through.  Are they going to ban spitting next?

Dar es Salaam – The Tanzanian government has banned imports and sales of sexual lubricants in its latest move targeting the gay community, officials say.  Health Minister Ummy Mwalimu justified the move on the grounds that the product encourages homosexuality, which is banned in the east African nation.

"It is true that the government has banned the importation and use of the jelly to curb the spread of HIV," the minister told local media on Tuesday.  "It is estimated that 23 percent of men who have sex with men in Tanzania are living with HIV/AIDS," he added.  "I have instructed stakeholders working with gay people to remove the products from the market."

Groups working with the gay community were handing out the lube for free, the minister said.

"The ministry has agreed to work with stakeholders to give the ministry the money they were using to buy and import the lubricants so we could use it to buy beds for the maternity wards."

Gay male sex is punishable by life imprisonment under Tanzanian law, but there is no such ban on lesbian relations.  In practice, there had been no known arrests over homosexuality in recent years.  But the newly appointed regional commissioner for the port city of Dar es Salaam, Paul Makonda, announced a major crackdown against gay people this month, followed by arrests of suspected gays in clubs.

Some people who have been openly gay on the internet stopped posting after Makonda threatened that police would arrest those who follow them on social media. – news24.com

I'm trying to see the logic, but when people are grasping at straws, I guess they grab the lube instead. 

Will straight couples that need lubricants need to sign one of their lives away at the local pharmacy? 

Will they start banning Vaseline, Crisco, Coconut oil, and other things we used or heard others have used during sexual encounters? 

Or even worse, will they start banning condoms?

Instead of collecting shoes, books, and clothing, will we start lube drives to send overseas?

h/t:  news24.com

5 thoughts on “Tanzania Bans Sexual Lubricants In Crackdown On Gays”

  1. In the seventies before

    In the seventies before lubricants were available, Crisco was the favorite for that. In fact their was a disco in n.y named the Crisco disco, and the D.J. was in a gigantic can of crisco!  Sorry to say but Africans have some major issues with superstition!

  2. You have to wonder if black

    You have to wonder if black people are realy so stupid as racists make them out to be. They believe in the god of the ones who oppressed them and put into slavery, a god there is zero proof for, and then treat  their own people as subhuman. How stupid can you be.

    • LOVE how you just say “black

      LOVE how you just say "black people" and not some. Yet there are white people and other nationalities in the US killing, beating, murdering LGBT people in the name of God under Christianity. Stupid people come in all colors, so do homophobes and racists. Not to mention we live in a country built on minorities AND LGBT folk being treated like subhumans. Look at OUR country and its people before you write stupid shit.

  3. This is ludicrous. When I was

    This is ludicrous. When I was a freshman in college (just before we learned of AIDS), a friend used to use Orville Redenbacher popcorn oil as a lubricant. So maybe they should ban cooking oil. 


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