Target Ruins Christmas Again with Gay Pride Nutcrackers

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Attention, Target Shoppers! Gay people exist. 

You know what makes me angry when I shop at Target? The middle-aged women with their screaming, unruly children who block the entire aisle. The men who park in the fire and/or handicap areas because they’re too lazy to find an actual parking spot. Never once have I looked at a piece of holiday merchandize and clutched my pearls to my unshaven chest. But, hey, conservatives!


Shortly after the extreme and protest-fueled outrage over gay Pride merchandise in June, conservatives are coming down on Target once again for having all-inclusive decorations on their shelves. Primarily, they’re seething at a Gay Pride Christmas Nutcracker and versions of Santa Claus that depict him as African American or in a wheelchair. Because only straight, white, able-bodied people can celebrate Christmas. 

Of course, Fox News is donating their efforts and “quality” time to exposing this huge terrorist attack against straight-white rights. Let’s take a look at one of their three segments thus far. 


Has anyone told Fox News there is a war going on overseas? A new virus that appears like kennel cough is killing dogs at a monstrous rate? That the world’s oceans are filling up plastic waste? That all the world’s volcanos are about to erupt and shroud us in two years of never-ending winter?! OK, the last one may be an exaggeration, but my point is there’s so much more going on in the world that Gay Pride nutcrackers shouldn’t be the primary focus. 

Plus, I don’t want anything Santa related in my house unless it’s Channing Tatum breaking in to stuff my “chimney” full of his “presents.” 

Now, the big question remains… Will Target fold to the new backlash just like they did in June for Pride Month. Almost six months ago, they crumbled to the pressure and either removed Pride merchandise from select stores or moved it to the back where no one would see it. Given that Christmas is much more lucrative than Pride Month, can they afford to piss off either party?

Will the gays converge on Target for their rainbow nutcrackers in support of equality? Will conservatives stop being mad at just about anything that’s not straight, white and Godly? Will my husband bring home another god damn light-up Christmas decoration that **I** will have to turn off when he goes to bed?


Find out on the next episode of… What did Target do now to piss off Trumpers…

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3 thoughts on “Target Ruins Christmas Again with Gay Pride Nutcrackers”

  1. Oh those pesky gay nutcrackers. I have several themed gay Christmas decorations. Which if you search the term Gay Christmas Decorations you’ll find some very cute ones.

  2. I was so pleased to read about Fox News being upset about this! I went to Target this afternoon and bought 7 black Santas in a wheelchair and I plan on getting a few more as gifts for the upcoming holiday. The gay Nutcrackers are selling out, so I ordered six of them online.

    I told the woman at checkout about Fox News and how I’ll do anything to piss off Republicans. She said I made her day! I’m thrilled!!


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