Taron Egerton Blushes, Is Totes Adorbz, While Reading Thirst Tweets

Rocketman opens nationwide tonight. The reviews are highly positive, with many comparing the film favorably to Bohemian Rhapsody… which, let’s face it, wasn’t a good movie. 

Anyway, that’s a different story for another time. Kingsman cutie patootie Taron Egerton is making the rounds on the film’s press tour, charming the socks off of everyone in his path it appears. His most recent stop was at Buzzfeed, where he read the ever-infamous “Thirst Tweets.” 

This is quickly becoming one of our very favorite things on the internet. We know you’re going to enjoy watching the baby-faced 29-year-old British stud talk about how big his butt is, blush a few times… and, well, just wait until you see his reaction to learning the word “bussy.” 

In all seriousness, thirst-inducing as he is, Egerton appears to be a total class act. It’s nice to see him doing something other than those misogynistic Kingsman movies. 

Watch Egerton read his thirst tweets via Buzzfeed below. 

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