Taron Egerton Breaks Silence on Wolverine Rumors

On July 18, ‘Kingsman’ star Taron Egerton had an interview with Andy Cohen at the SiriusXM Studios in New York City, and he finally broke his silence regarding the rumors of him playing the iconic Wolverine.


The 32-year-old actor previously confirmed that he had a meeting with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, however, he didn’t specifically mention if it was for the rumored role. Talking about the meeting, Egerton commented, “I don’t think it would be wrong to say that.”

He also directly addressed the Wolverine rumors saying, “It’s really flattering and obviously it’s, a you know, a great role. But no there’s no truth to it.” Unfortunately, the fans rooting for Egerton to play the new Wolverine role is up for disappointment. For now, at least.


Moreover, the actor also shared about his closeness with the famed English singer Elton John. When Cohen asked if the two of them are still “buddies,” Egerton immediately responded, “Yes.” He also shared that John doesn’t do text, but email.

Egerton is starring in a 2022 miniseries entitled ‘Black Bird.’ As per the synopsis released by Apple TV+, the crime drama is inspired by actual events, and it tells the story of Jimmy Keene (Egerton) as he “begins a 10-year prison sentence, he gets an incredible offer: If he can elicit a confession from suspected killer Larry Hall, Jimmy will be freed.”


Source: Just Jared

Taron Egerton Shares Close Bond with Elton John. And Playing New Wolverine Role?

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