Taron Egerton Is Looking More Chiseled In Post From New Orleans Shoot

Screen capture from YouTube video “Taron on the underwater scene video”

Since I was introduced to this sexy piece of man meat in Kingsman: The Secret Service in 2014, I’ve always looked forward to his next project. He was in film and television before and has done movies since 2014 like Eddie the Eagle, Sing, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Billionnaire Boys Club, Robin Hood, Rocketman, and more.

His roles as Elton and Eddie have not been as shirtless and buff as his Kingsman and Robin Hood roles, but I’ve found all of his offerings enjoyable.  


Now, he has called it a done deal with his latest project. In his Instagram story today, he had the following things to share.



Apple TV+ has apparently finished shooting In With the Devil, a six-hour adaptation of a true crime memoir by James Keene. Egerton stars as the author and Richard Jewell’s/Cruella’s Paul Walter Hauser plays the suspected serial killer Larry Hall. 

Keene was a young Chicago kid who was a standout football player headed for a pro career when a few turns in the wrong direction caught him a decade-long prison sentence with no chance of parole. The son of a Chicago cop was offered by the prosecutor who put him behind bars the chance to be sprung from prison and a chance to redeem himself. The stakes were high. Same prosecutor convicted a man named Larry Hall for abducting and killing a 15-year-old, just one of perhaps 19 other women he killed. The killer could be released on appeal. Keene’s task was to ingratiate himself with the murderer, in prison, and get him to confess to two murders. – Deadline.com

Egerton added a second Instagram post (ever or just what he is keeping up there) to say thank you to the city of New Orleans where In With the Devil was filmed. Multiple pics so don’t forget to tap through to see where he was in New Orleans.



We are thinking he’s looking a little bit different than his previous roles, dontcha think?

Images courtesy of 20th Century Fox (Kingsman) and Paramount (Rocketman)

Sexy, sweet, and talented as this post from his costar Paul Walter Hauser states.


So Taron, are you buffing up more for The Stars at Noon?  We don’t think you need to get buff for your rumored role in Little Shop of Horrors, unless you are taking Seymour in a different direction.

But whatever you do, it will be hard to escape your wet look. 




And about that famous wet scene, the director Matthew Vaughn narrates the sequence from “Kingsman: The Secret Service” and we learn a little bit about filming while having some good visuals. 

Source: Deadline.com

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  1. Me Taron use him as the new James Bond for the next fore years use him he is a good Actor good looking young and fit to do that job .Warner Brothers will love him

  2. Taron Egerton is the Most Wonderful Man and Actor…
    He deserves everything that comes his way….
    Because he’s worked bloody Hard and Long for his success, he Will Endure ..
    Taron Has My Respect Forevermore…


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