Tatum and Kravitz Have An Instagram Lovefest

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Superstar Lenny Kravitz recently found himself a new admirer – and it’s none other than fellow superstar Channing Tatum. Let’s break down how this new friendship got started. Kravitz took to his Instagram one morning last week, after an all-nighter in the studio. The Fly singer, 57, showed off an impressive 8-pack of abs while preparing morning coffee. 


Tatum, star of the Magic Mike franchise, probably knows a thing or two about abs, gave a shout-out to Kravitz in the comment section,

good god man! What are you eating or what’s in the water or the genes. It’s not natural. Do you just do abs like all day?

Tatum’s comment alone got 5,700 likes and over 200 comments with even MagicMikeLive getting in on the action, “We’re Here for This,” so are we MML so are we! 


Kravitz has been going viral often in recent months thanks to his killer physique. The Are You Gonna Go My Way singer was recently on the cover of Men’s Health magazine, yes, showing off that phsyique.

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Kravitz regularly shows off his muscles on his Instagram, and why shouldn’t he! 


Kravitz with almost 4 milliion Instagram followers blew up the internet with that photo last week amassing more than 650,000 likes and over 25,000 comments. His followers joined in the lovefest that Tatum started, 

Um …Happy National Coffee Day y’all …I mean look at that pot … {michaelaangelad}

I think my ovaries just spontaneously combusted. {carolinehirons}


This is 57? Can I have it? Whatever it is because I need it! {mrjerometrammel}


57!!! Good God! {danielnewman}

Even other celebrities like The Rock, Mario Van Peeples, Arsenio Hall and supermodel Winnie Harlow joined in and lavished praise on Kravitz. Let’s hope all this positive reinforcement keeps Kravitz posting more thirst trap photos! 

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