Taylor Swift Unexpectedly Drops “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)”

Taylor Swift surprised fans when she dropped “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)” on Friday, September 17th. (Photo Credit: Screenshots via videos from Taylor Swift’s and Peytontevis TikTok Accounts)

When Taylor Swift announced in June her fourth studio album, Red, would be the next to receive the “Taylor’s Version” treatment and would be released on November 19th, fans of the 31-year-old singer who call themselves “Swifties” were delighted they would not only get updated versions of her hit singles off that album but also the highly sought after ten-minute version of the song “All Too Well” Swift revealed existed in November 2020.  

Then on August 5th, Swift posted a video of jumbled words which ultimately unveiled the songs she was releasing “from the vault,” and the next day she released the full tracklisting for Red (Taylor’s Version) which included “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault).”

Since then, Swifties have been waiting impatiently for the country-turned-pop singer to drop any song from Red (Taylor’s Version) before the November release date. Many wondered when and what song from the album would be released first.   Close to the end of August, Swift joined the social media platform TikTok creating a frenzy among the Swifties on the app.


#duet with @taylorswift SHE’S ON TIKTOK OMFHFHSHSG #swifttok #taylorswift #wtf #omg

♬ original sound – Taylor Swift


#duet with @taylorswift i have been dreaming for this day for months. taylor i love you #taylorswift #swifttok #swiftie 💕💖💕💕💖💖

♬ original sound – Taylor Swift

On September 17th, Swift threw a curveball to all the Swifties by releasing a TikTok video with a small snippet of “Wildest Dreams” while alluding she might be releasing the entire song.


Someone said slow zoom makes you look like the main character I said make it Taylor’s Version pls #wildestdreamstaylorsversion #swifttok #slowzoom

♬ original sound – Taylor Swift

True to her word, Swift dropped “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)” that same day, sending the Swifties into euphoric overload as well as some Swifties trying to decode why Swift would release “Wildest Dreams”, which was the fifth single off of her fifth studio album, 1989 when she was getting ready to release Red (Taylor’s Version).


Burnin’ it down 🔥 #wildestdreamstaylorsversion #slowzoomeffect #swifttok

♬ original sound – Taylor Swift


#stitch with @taylorswift I thought it was #sadgirlfall I can’t handle this 😭 #taylorswift #redtaylorsversion #wildestdreamstaylorsversion #1989

♬ original sound – Brian (Taylor’s Version)



Do I get the hat or do I get a new miniskirt wtf is going on #swifttok #taylorswift #wildestdreams #redtaylorsversion #1989taylorsversion #swiftie

♬ original sound – Taylor Swift


interior design<3

♬ original sound – Taylor Swift


@taylorswift i love you #taylorswift #wildestdreams #taylorsversion #swifttok #swiftie

♬ original sound – Taylor Swift

You can listen to “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)” below.

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