TBT: Gay Texas Teen Surprised With His Own Houston Pride Float!

Who do you bring to Pride?  Do you share the day just with other LGBT friends? Have you brought a parent before?  What about a co-worker?


Usually I go with the fellow gays and call it a day.  Sometimes I'll put the parade goers down for a nap and then pop out on Pride night with another gaggle of friends.  I've never really gone out of my way to invite someone to Pride.  I mean, it's a public thing. Anyone can come, right?

But what if we went out of our way next year and asked someone to go, someone that may be waiting for an invitation.  May it help them come out or may it help them feel that they are part of something bigger. Let's face it we know it feels wonderful to be a part of a family.

We can flash back to Houston Pride to see a perfect example of what I am talking about.





Angel is a 6’4”, makeup-wearing, nineteen year-old gay boy from El Paso, Texas. As you can imagine, his life hasn’t been easy. So we decided to surprise him with his own float in the Houston Gay Pride Parade. – wickydkewl

Thanks Carmen Carrera, Alaska Thunderfuck, Davey Wavey, and PURE for men for making this happen for Angel.


Maybe next year's Pride theme should be "Spread The Love" and we all should be challenged to bring someone new to Pride, someone new to join our family, may they be an ally or someone that needs that simple invite to come out and shine.


h/t: wickydkewl

Carmen Carrera: https://www.facebook.com/carmencarrer…

Alaska Thunderfuck: https://www.facebook.com/AlaskaThunder/

Davey's Website: http://www.daveywavey.tv

2 thoughts on “TBT: Gay Texas Teen Surprised With His Own Houston Pride Float!”

  1. I anticipated he would have

    I anticipated he would have just as much trouble finding a community in Houston. A pride parade is obviously going to be emotional and exciting. He could have just as easily gone to the one in El Paso. When your young things that are new always seem better though… I would guess if he were to have stayed behind in Houston after all the excitement of that day he would have the same struggle to find a community he had back home. That is just what happens at 19. He is probably not living in a dorm or at college so it is hard to bond with others. He can't go to the bars. It is just a hard age. I feel for him but hope he grows up a little from this experience.

  2. I know the video looks cool

    I know the video looks cool but I live in El Paso and know this guy. He has a supportive family and awesome friends (I thought). Apparently he doesn't think any of us are friends. He even has friends that help plan pride here! And he had the nerve to tell people he "didn't know we had a pride." It saddens me that someone would put down their home town just to feel cool for a day and get a trip to Houston. He totally played these guys with whatever essay he wrote for Pur lube's contest he won. Not cool. El Paso is super gay friendly and awesome.  


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