#tbt has a hot new neighbor on the calendar, #EggPlantFriday

#tbt or #ThrowBackThursdays has been a great thing to look forward to each week, but now, there's a new hash tag taking up residence in the weekly schedule.  It's #EggPlantFriday.  I was surprised that BuzzFeed is covering such a newsworthy invention, but not so surprised that I learned about it from Pandora Boxx's facebook page. 


What do you need to participate in #EggPlantFriday?  Well from the pic below it seems sweat pants, gym shorts, a smartphone, maybe a tank top, and an unmentionable … an egg plant.  Of course, when they say egg plant, they're not talking about something from the produce section and most likely something this white male from New England or any region of the country has, no matter what clothing I wear.  Something for the black community to share (gay or straight), but for all of us to enjoy?  And I am not sure if they sweat pants need to be grey or not.  I'll need to do some more research. Weekly research. 

Here are some of the pics from the BuzzFeed story and a couple other #EggPlantFriday posts. Definitely head over to  BuzzFeed  for a great intro to this new hash tag as only they can do.  Then conduct your own search and see what you can find.


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