Team Got Nearly Naked for Beijing Olympics

In order to make it to Beijing for the 2022 Winter Olympics, the U.S. men’s bobsled team needed to raise a massive amount of money. 

Olympic bobsledding is expensive on a whole other level. According to the Washington Post, the cost to ship an elite sled one-way to Beijing is about $25,000. Two four-man bobsled teams are representing the U.S. in Beijing so the cost for an additional bobsled was $70,000. A third team didn’t qualify.


Last year, the team got to work to raise the funds to make it to Beijing. And how did they do it? Well, by stripping down and posing nearly naked for a 12-month calendar called The Bob-Spread.

The Bob-Spread cover photo by James Reed

Shot by U.S.A. bobsledder turned photographer, James Reed, the team of athletes immediately became models in the summer of 2021.

Photo by James Reed

In a post on his page, Reed shares:

Is it over the top? Absolutely, yes. But it highlights what is unique about the sport of bobsledding. There is no one athlete or body type that can push a sled well. We are all different and push fast for different reasons. The Bob-Spread highlights what’s not often seen beneath the helmets and the speed suits, albeit in a pretty ridiculous manner.

As the photographer and creator of the calendar I am really proud of this. I have put in countless hours brainstorming, shooting, and editing these past few months and I’m excited to share this with everyone. I also want to thank all the guys who helped with ideas, held lights, set up the studio with me, and were willing to strip down for the photos.

Reed’s teammates didn’t need much convincing to get in front of the camera.

Photo by James Reed
Photo by James Reed

When the calendar was released last year, a GoFundMe campaign quickly raised over $90,000 paying for their way to Beijing and more. Of course it helped that these eight men are hot!

The Bob-Spread is a fun yet sexy look at the gorgeous men of U.S.A. bobsledding that will keep you sliding through the year.

The four-man bobsled Olympic competition starts Friday, 02/18 (Saturday, 02/19 in Beijing). If you’re not watching the Olympics yet, maybe this will motivate you!

You can still purchase The Bob-Spread here!

Best of luck to the U.S.A. Olympic bobsledders. Gold or not, let’s hope this becomes a regular thing.

Source: Washington Post

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