Teenager Meets Daddy In New Music Video “Afterglow”

The new music video from Christopher Sorensen, “Afterglow,” explores the dynamic between an 18-year-old teen and an older man who connect through a gay dating app.


The video, which features actors Daniel Bruington and Victor Leonard-Gutierrez, chronicles the first meeting of the pair at the older man’s home, complete with cocktails and a swim in his pool.

Things do go the way of romance and there are follow up encounters. 

But when one night goes late, there’s fireworks at home after what look like a missed curfew.

As his parents argue, the young man erupts in anger and goes looking for his older paramour, only to find a surprise.


Sorensen’s reps told Towleroad that the story line is “very personal to Christopher.”

“His goal is to create a safe space for young gay men to talk about any experience where they have felt taken advantage of,” the statement continued.


“Afterglow” is the first time Sorensen has included his own LGBT identity in his music. His 2015 music video, “Balloon,” addressed bullying.

Any readers have a similar experience with dating apps? Let us know in the comments.

Watch the video below. 



(h/t Towleroad)

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