Telling Your Friend His Man Isn’t It Is Hard

In his new video, YouTube comic Michael Henry takes a humorous approach at tackling friendships with people who are in toxic relationships. Can this subject be funny? In Henry’s video it is lighthearted and matter-of-fact, but serious. We all have that one friend who chooses to stay with a partner who is verbally or physically abusive or just downright bad for them. Heck, some of us have probably been that person who didn’t know how to get out of that relationship.

YouTube: Michael Henry

In the video You Don’t Know Him Like I Do, actors Roz Hernandez and Michael Henry have a chat with Darren Bluestone and go back and forth on Darren’s decision to stay with a guy who is far from Prince Charming.


Some of the cautionary dialogue in the short video includes:

“Does he still call you ‘stupid’ and ‘pathetic’ and ‘fat’?” – Roz

“You think I’m being abused? Give me a break. I love him.” – Darren

“Sometimes love isn’t enough.” – Michael


It’s sad, but true. Love isn’t always enough. Unfortunately, more often than not, those in toxic relationships are too clouded with the fear of being alone or with their own self-hatred that they recoil at the idea of breaking up with someone. It could also be the fear of their partner actually hurting them, which is a way bigger conversation that needs to be had. And gay relationships are no exception.

Studies show that abuse in same-sex relationships is heightened because of the stress of money, unemployment, drug use, HIV status, and even internalized homophobia. And gender is no exception.

As friends, we have an obligation to always have one another’s best interest at heart, even when our opinions aren’t valued or warranted.

So next time you find yourself having an uncomfortable conversation with a friend who thinks his no-good boyfriend loves him because he kisses the bruises at night, consider taking keeping a closer eye on them and continue checking in to make sure they are okay.


Here’s Michael Henry’s latest video You Don’t Know Him Like I Do:

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