“Temptation Island” Star Joshua Feytons Is Very Naked At His New Gig

Start off your weekend with a really attractive naked Dutch man. After appearing on the Dutch-language Temptation Island, the very pretty, chiseled, and respectably-endowed Joshua Feytons is now starring on Adam Zkt. Eva VIP, which means we get to see him in all of his glory, courtesy of OMG Blog. Here's a sneak peek:



Adam Zkt. Eva is a Dutch reality television relationship show that’s been airing since 2014. The setup: all contestants are totally naked, vying for one another’s affections. New contestants are added as the season progresses to heighten the drama.

The simple, unsurprisingly commercial show has been sold to several other European markets, with spinoffs in several countries including France, Germany and Denmark.

Now, if only the FCC would get out of the dark ages and allow nudity like this on American television. Sure, VH1 had Dating Naked, but that was completely censored. Which means there's literally no reason to watch it (it got cancelled).

Check out Joshua Feytons in all his full-frontal NSFW glory at OMG Blog.

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