Tens Of Thousands Attended A German Rock Concert To Fight Nazism

An anti-Nazi concert was enhanced with a sweet kiss.


A German rock concert was held his past Monday (September 3) with the focus of fighting against homophobia and Nazis, according to Gay Star News.

The concert took place in Chemnitz, which has experienced several violent conservative protests in the past few weeks. This includes one far-right rally where a German-Cuban man, named Daniel Hillig, was killed.

According to the Independent, tens of thousands of people showed up to the event in support of equality and against Nazi violence. Many audience members held signs of support while bands performed under a banner saying #WirSindMehr or “We Are More.”

As for performers, there were several such as Marteria, K.I.Z, Feine Sahne Fischfilet and Trettmann.


In addition, the beginning of the event was a minute’s silence to honor the death of Hillig.

“This is not about the fight between right and left, it’s about basic decency,” said Campino, singer to the rock band Die Toten Hosen.

“We’re not naive. We’re not under the illusion that you hold a concert and then the world is saved,” he added. “But sometimes it’s important to show that you’re not alone.”


While in this moment of peace, love, and acceptance, Benjamin Griffey, who also uses the rapper name Casper, and KraftKlub frontman Felix Brummer, kissed on stage to crowd applause.

“I refuse, even in the darkest times, to think that the world is only full of hatred,” said Griffey while on stage.”

“The fact that so many have gathered here is for me the proof that the world can also be colorful and wonderful.”

h/t: The Independent, Gay Star News

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