Texas Could Lose $8.5B & 180k jobs If Anti-LGBT Laws Are Passed.

We've seen the defeat of North Carolina's governor Pat McCrory (North Carolina Governor McCrory Concedes Election To Democratic Challenger/ Attorney General), but not the defeat of his HB2 Bathroom bill.  But he did understand the cost of the bill, both trying to protect its existence (North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory Withdraws HB2 Lawsuit Filed Against U.S. Government, Cites Too Costly To State), as well as all the business that was lost.

We asked at the end of the concessions post if McCrory's defeat (and maybe the HB2's defeat) would cause political and social waves across the nation.  We already have an answer.  There's some re-examination going on in Texas.

Early studies show that the Texas economy could lose up to $8.5 billion and up to 185,000 lost jobs and significant impact on the state's tourism and convention economy if state lawmakers haven't learned from North Carolina's mistake and pass a so-called transgender bathroom bill or other anti-LGBT legislation.


"We now face overwhelming data about the risk of damage to the economy and reputation of our great state resulting from legislation that would allow for discrimination," association president Chris Wallace said Tuesday at a news conference outside the state Capitol in Austin. "Businesses from across Texas have come together to urge the Texas Legislature to reject discrimination and embrace public policy that keeps Texas open for business."

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has made passing a so-called bathroom bill — which would ban transgender people from using the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity — a top priority during the legislative session that begins in January.  Republican House Speaker Joe Straus said the legislation is not a priority for him, and enterprises large and small, including the NCAA, have warned its passage could threaten ties with Texas. – dallasnews.com


Will the state move forward with discrimination?  It will come at a hefty price.

For more on the studies and the likelihood of Texas passing a bill policing where people can and cannot pee (yay government!), head over to dallasnews.com.

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