Thank Spotify Wrapped For Calling Out Your Gayness!


Spotify Wrapped is the gay holiday gift that keeps on giving! The internet has been blowing up with tweets, memes and stories of how gay, gay, gay their playlists are. Buzzfeed is calling it,

“What Coming Out Of The Closet Looks Like In 2021”

First, lets take a look at what people on Twitter are saying,






So relieved I don’t have to turn in my gay card, because I too have Dance/Pop as my top genre! Since I am writing this article I can’t not post my Spotify Wrapped. Here goes, and please no judgments on my love of early 2000s pop.


This came as no shock to many of my friends judging by their comments. Two of my friends in Arizona texted me,

“They’ve got your number! I could have almost made that list out for you!”

“Indeed! Dance-pop – no surprise there!”

Instinct contributing writer, friend of mine, and all-around great guy Randy Slovacek did me a solid and shared his Wrapped with me for this article. Let’s take a look at it!Β 

Much more eclectic than mine, but it’s still VERY gay. Number one played artist, Olivia Newton-John is a GAY ICON. One of his most played songs is a gay anthem from the beloved Broadway show,Β La Cage Aux Folles. Two songs with “Boys” in the title and one of those is by a gay artist. Randy also gets to keep his gay card!Β 

How gay is your Spotify Wrapped? Back to twitter we go!Β 



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Sources: Buzzfeed

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  1. Hehehe , my gayness was exposed as well…Troye Sivan, Adam Lambert, Elton John, Lil Nas X, Queen, George Michael, Frank Ocean, Ricky Martin, Mika, Little Richard, Greyson Chance, Jay Brannan, Johnny Mathis to name a few πŸ™‚


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