Thank You Video From Pulse Orlando Victims. GoFundMe To Match First $100,000 ‘forthe49’ of Orlando.

Everyone was affected by Pulse, Orlando, the tragedy.  We all felt it differently and we all are coping with the horror and aftermath as we need to. Here is a letter I just received from Equality Florida asking for our help to honor and remember those we lost.  Following the letter, watch an emotional video by the survivors of Pulse.


Adam, in the aftermath of the Pulse massacre, we made two promises.

First, we promised to do everything we could to help the families of those killed and the survivors dealing with the physical and emotional pain of being targeted in the worst anti-LGBT hate crime in U.S. history.

Because of you, and thousands more, we kept that promise by raising over $9.5 MILLION and every single penny we collected is going directly to the victims of Pulse beginning tomorrow.

Now our attention must focus entirely on fulfilling the second promise – to honor the dead with action.

We are committed to ensuring the lasting memorial is the real change of uprooting anti-LGBTQ hatred at the source. But to keep this promise, we need you with us again.

Please take a moment to click here and make a contribution to our "Honor Them With Action" campaign and GoFundMe will DOUBLE your contribution up to $100,000)!

It’s time for us to demand huge strides in changing the culture and the laws in Florida to ensure we stop the discrimination and violence that anti-LGBTQ hatred makes inevitable.

So Adam, we are asking you now to join us in achieving two goals that are ambitious but achievable if we have the courage to stand together: Banning anti-LGBTQ discrimination in Florida and passing gun violence prevention policies in the third most populous state in the country.

In the wake of Pulse, hearts have softened, minds have opened and new allies are stepping forward. Shame on us if we let this moment pass without pushing with all our might for the state to treat us all as equals under the law and to end easy access to weapons of mass slaughter.

Will you stand with us again and fulfill the promise of real change as the lasting memorial #ForThe49?

In Solidarity,
Nadine Smith
CEO, Equality Florida





In total, Equality Florida raised over $9M USD for victim relief following the horrific tragedy at Pulse Nightclub on June 12, 2016.

Those funds will be disbursed to the victims on September 27. This video is to thank all those who gave and to all those who believe love conquers hate.

To stay involved in Equality Florida’s ongoing efforts to make Florida a safer, more inclusive place to live for all, please visit


Will you donate to the Equality Florida Fund over at GoFundMe?  It is forthe49.


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