That Smile, Those Dimples, That Body – That’s Alden Richards

In 2015, viewers all over the Philippines were swept off their feet by actor Alden Richards.  Alden became one of the biggest heartthrob in Asia and was dubbed as Asia’s Multimedia Star, he blesses our Instagram feeds quite frequently with jaw dropping photos of his buff physique. Believe me, we’re not complaining! 

Just in case you need a bit of a mood lift today, here are some of Alden’s hottest photos: 

Alden has become the face of numerous local and international brands, making him one of the most in demand models of his generation. 

Last year in July, in an appearance on a local morning show, Alden rated his body a 5 out of 10, saying he still has a lot of work to do when it comes to his physique. 

I don’t know who made the rules, but this is NOT a 5/10 to us. 😍 

I mean, look at that dimple!  

Just several months later, in November, he came through! After months of working out and the right mindset (“Discipline is the key,” he says) he wowed everyone by showing off his hard-earned abs in a shirtless photo. 

We’re sending you some finger hearts back, Alden! And please, for the sake of our sanity, keep those photos coming! 

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