The 10 Hottest Guys To Ever Play On “Survivor”

It's hard to believe that Survivor has been on the air now for about twenty years.  The show completely revolutionized the modern standard of reality television, as it became a surprise summer hit for CBS way back in 2000 and is still going strong over 30 seasons later.

The new season of Survivor, called Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers will premiere on September 27th and from the looks of it already has some super cute guys competing for the one million dollar prize. I thought it would be fun to take a look back over the past 35 seasons and compile a list of the ten hottest guys to ever compete.

Let's face it: the show is easy access to seeing a bunch of shirtless dudes run around, strategize, compete and stay sexy the whole time.  It's a no brainer and is part of the shows success for such a long time.  That being said, and in no particular order, here are the ten guys that came out on top in terms of overall sexiness.

James Clement:  China, Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains 

Terry Deitz: Panama (Exile Island), Second Chance 

Andrew Savage: Pearl Islands, Second Chance 

Yul Kwon: Cook Islands 

Tony Vlachos: Cagayan, Game Changers 

Malcolm Freberg: Phillipines, Fans vs. Favorites Two, Game Changers 

Caleb Reynolds: Kaôh R┼Źng, Game Changers

John "J.P." Calderon: Cook Islands 

Joe Anglim: Worlds Apart, Second Chance

Jeremy Collins: Blood vs. Water Two, Second Chance 

Did your favorite make the list? 

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