The 14 Hottest Guys to Ever Appear on Big Brother USA!

Big Brother has been one of the most popular reality shows in the new millennium, dating all the way back to its first season premiere in 2000.  The show is known for its one of a kind houseguests, crazy competitions, backstabbing, manipulation and so much more that have truly made it a must-see-tv type of experience.  Also, there have been a ton of insanely hot smokeshows that have kept us coming back each season to see what man candy is in stores for our viewing pleasure each summer.

With 19 seasons in the bag, the show has produced some insanely sexy guys that we root for one week and can hate the next week depending on how the pendulum swings inside the BB house (here's BB19's Mark's pendulum if you are interested).  That being said, I have compiled a list of the fourteen (ten was too small) hottest guys to ever appear on Big Brother USA.  Agree?  Disagree?  Let us know who you think deserves a spot on this list.

Hardy Hill- Big Brother 2

Will Wikle- Big Brother 5

Kaysar Ridha- Big Brother 6 and All Stars


Nick Starcevic- Big Brother 8

Dan Gheesling- Big Brother 10 and 14

Russell Kairouz & Jeff Schroeder- Big Brother 11


Lane Elenburg- Big Brother 12

Keith Henderson- Big Brother 13

Shane Meaney- Big Brother 14


Howard Overby- Big Brother 15

Cody Calafiore- Big Brother 16

Victor Arroyo- Big Brother 18

Matthew Clines- Big Brother 19





What do you think?