The 28-Year-Old Diver Started An Onlyfans To Fund His Olympics Pursuit

Well this certainly is a cheeky way to crowd fund. Diego Balleza, a talented 10-meter diver, has decided to dive into Onlyfans to raise money after facing financial insecurities.


The handsome and chiseled swimmer is lacking financial resources that are needed to prepare for the 2024 Paris Olympics. He’s not the only one however, many Mexican athletes find theirselves in similar circumstances as they’re feeling the impact of ongoing disputes between World Aquatics and Ana Guevara, the head of Mexico’s national sports commission. Monthly payments that the aquatic athletes would typically receive, which aides in their training — has been halted since January due to the ongoing conflict.


So with no timeline as to when they will receive their next payment, why not start an Onlyfans? Balleza is clearly not shy, he essentially wears a speedo for a living. He has a swimmers build, who doesn’t love showing that off. Nonetheless, it takes some real balls to put yourself out there like that.


Balleza competed in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, finishing fourth in the 10-meter synchronized diving. He told the Associated Press that he decided to do Onlyfans because he supports his house and have bills to pay.

“It occurred to me to open it because you are always looking for a way to make income.

I support my house and my mother, and I have bills to pay, and you can upload whatever you want in there, it’s a valid content.”

Diego Balleza, Associated Press


So far, Balleza says that he’s been happy with how his Onlyfans has been progressing. It has already racked up over 17k likes. For just $15 a month, you can send a Mexican diver to the Paris Olympics, and simultaneously rub one out. Check out Diego Balleza’s Onlyfans.


Source: NY Daily News

All images sourced from Diego Balleza’s Instagram account.

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