The 5 Best Things to do at Bear Week… Besides Each Other

Credit: Mike Flanagan

The legendary week-long event known as Bear Week is about to begin.

Hundreds of bears and bear aficionado’s will be entering Provincetown, Massachusetts beginning this Saturday, July 13, all the way until Sunday, July 21. That’s a lot of fur in one small place.


I’ve attended this gathering twice in the past (2014 and 2015) and have figured out the best ways to navigate it from start to finish that will leave you feeling refreshed and not completely exhausted upon your exit.

Sadly, I cannot attend this year due to unforeseen circumstances, but will be watching from afar (across social media) while hundreds of guys feast on tasty food, enjoy the atmosphere that Provincetown provides and strengthen friendships they already have while making new ones in the process.

Here are five great examples of what to do, see and eat while there that doesn’t include the amount of sex you will likely have.


Go food shopping ASAP. The restaurants in Provincetown are super delicious but very pricy. Take your roommates to the local Stop & Shop and spend about $200-$400 (depending on budget) between all of you on food for the week. You’ll save a ton of money while making some homemade dishes with your buddies that may taste better than what you would have while out and about.

If you do eat out… try one of these three places as they won’t break the bank but will fill you up with something amazing. Spiritus Pizza, the only great Italian spot in Provincetown, serves yummy pizza until 2am nightly. The Lobster Pot is another classic space in this enchanted island that you must stop by if you are a lover of all thing’s seafood. Finally, if you adore sushi, then try Saki (all three locations listed are on Commercial Street in the heart of Ptown) for as much of it as you can stomach.


See a show! Bear Week is more than just hot and hairy men with sexy bodies (not like that’s a problem). There’s also a rich history here when it comes to the arts and theater scene. One show worth highlighting is RuPaul’s Drag Race legend BenDeLaCreme’s Ready to Be Committed, which she’ll be performing throughout the summer at Crown & Anchor. The show revolves around Ben’s journey to finding a husband while going through a ton of hilarious obstacles along the way.

Swim in the bear soup. The Provincetown Inn Pool is the most popular place to be at during Bear Week. Located at the very end of Commercial Street, this hotspot is filled with a variety of bears who stop by to cool down, grab a refreshing drink, hang out, and get a number or two. The funniest part is watching non-bears try to enter during peak time (usually the entire first weekend) as they clearly have no idea what the hell they’ve gotten themselves into.


See the sights. Provincetown is truly a breathtaking place to be in. You can experience the area during your time at Bear Week by renting a bike and exploring all its beauty. The island is a sharp contrast compared to the urban and rural spaces many of us inhibit and is a great vacation spot for anyone who wants to enjoy a break from the normal for a little bit, bear or not.

Also! The hot guy pictured above is Mike Flanagan (AKA MRF) who is an incredibly gifted musician that has topped the charts with his wonderful Jazz efforts. Learn more about him here.

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