The 5 Hottest ‘Bare It All’ Moments Of 2018 (So Far)

2018 has brought us a bevy of super hot naked moments from all types of men who deem themselves either a star or celebrity.

Whether this occurred in a movie, television show or an accidental "leakage" on social media, they became moments for many of us to click on a link super fast in hopes of seeing something quite naughty.

Here, in no particular order, was the five hottest naked moments of 2018 so far. Definitely something to rev your engines on a cold Thursday night.

Rapper The Game Posts Several "Package" Photos

The Game, who first broke out over ten years ago with his song "How We Do", has kept our interest flowing outside of his rap skills. He has sort of become the deacon of what the eggplant emoji is all about, as he posts a ton of photos on his Instagram that overtly displays his package. Like this one here.

Ex on the Beach Star Gets Naked on Camera

Reality stars are known for getting near-naked on camera, with some going the distance and revealing their birthday sut for the world to see. Morten Kjeldsen, who appeared on the Denmark version of Ex on the Beach, did exactly that during one of the episodes. He started in just his underwear (with quite the impressive package) and kisses one of the other contestants (a girl, womp womp). This somehow leads to him stripping down to nothing and taking a shower while surrounded by some other guys. More here.

Personal Trainer Nick Sandell Gets Naked

This was a blink and you missed it kind of opportunity as this gorgeous stud of a man had some photos leaked online only to have them removed a short time later. 

Tom Daley's "Member" Escapes His Speedo

Olympian Tom Daley's privates have made their way to the internet more than once. It happened again in 2018 when his "member" escaped his speedo while in the water. Oops! More here.

The (Arguably) Hottest Make Out Session of 2018

Not a naked moment, per se, but an incredibly hot make out session occurred this year when super cute studs Rodrigo Di Biase and DJ Thiago Foizer kissed passionately for the world to see. Keep making these, fellas.


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