The 50 Hottest News Anchors In The World. At Least 2 LGBTers Made The Top 5!

We at Instinct have had a love affair with many newsies of recent.  One we have documented out love affair the most, Gio Benitez, will always get us to turn over to ABC (News Correspondent Gio Benitez Proposes To Boyfriend Tommy DiDario In Paris). But then there is the ever so eloquent and hunky Blake McCoy, recent addition to NBC national news and often appears on Today (Blake McCoy – New NBC Correspondent Keeping Me Up). We have to send props to Adam Joseph, new father of two years ago (Hunky Philly Meteorologist Comes Out As Gay Via Adorable Facebook Baby Announcement!)

But which one takes the golden microphone for one of the 50 Hottest New Anchors in the World? Well, actually two of our men made the list and made the top five. 

Action News meteorologist Adam Joseph is a local celebrity. He’s been on the OUT 100. He and his partner, Karl, have two children. Things have been going pretty well for him.

But recently, he gained one more honor: Last week, BuzzFeed named him the second-hottest TV anchor in the world. –

Bravo to all three of our LGBT news reporters.  Congrats to Adam for the number 2 spot and Gio made the 5th spot!   Best of luck next time Blake!  We would have voted for you, too.  Who made number 1?  He's not family but he's still yummy to look at.

Mike Woods of Fox 5 in New York City was the only TV anchor ranked ahead of Adam Joseph.
We only reported on the ones we knew came out. Did we miss one? Do you know more of the Top 50 that are LGBT?
Head over to for the full list of The 50 Hottest News Anchors In The World.   Here are our three favorites along with the BuzzFeed winner Mike Woods.
And let's not forget cutie patootie news reporter Matt Molloy from Rochester, NY's ABC 13.  he's one of my faves, too.
Do you have a favorite that wasn't BuzzFeed worthy?



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