The Ad, Featuring The Music Of Stevie Nicks, Gives Us All The Feels

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More stories like this, please! A commercial for John Lewis department stores highlights a young boy happily dancing, and causing a little havoc, around his house. What sets this little boy apart from some others: the vibrant makeup that he adorns on his cheeks. Watch the infectious ad below!


John Lewis, while primarily known as a department store, does offer other services including insurance. Queerty reported that the commerical,

“for its insurance services has just been released demonstrating some of the damage younger members of the family can inflict on a home. Within it, an exuberant young boy, wearing his mum’s makeup, heels, and a dress, sashays through his home miming to ‘Edge of Seventeen’ by Stevie Nicks. While doing so, he knocks over lamps, dislodges picture frames, smears nail varnish on a banister and spills his sister’s paints.”

With 186,000 subscribers to their YouTube Channel, the commercial posted on October 11th has already been viewed over 339,000 times! It has already garnered 4,200 likes. However, and it a very large, however, the commercial has received nearly double the amount of dislikes – 8,000. {The Million Moms, who are really only 20,000 moms must be hitting that dislike button over and over!} Let’s take a look at some of the comments because they are pretty revealing:

“The kid looks cute, nothing wrong with a boy wearing a dress or make-up. But he’s being awful! Why is the mum sitting there letting him trash the house? Why is his little sister sitting there taking it? It’s not about how he’s dressed, it’s the fact his behaviour is being applauded as him expressing himself and nobody is intervening when he’s being destructive and disrespectful”. -MegaMouse Productions

“This add is gorgeous, we need more, live more Be yourself! and a to the insignificant people that can’t see joy! Haters gonna hate! Diference is beautiful. Remembering that your Jesus ask to love everyone as yourself, so every hate you send your cruel comments our there is your words not his, your sadness, your cruelty…keep that in mind as you are not preaching your are spreading hate and showing how empty you are…” – Fab Rosa

“Male ‘expresses himself’ with zero regard for the negative impact on the females around him. The patriarchy in action. Clever work John Lewis.” – Rosie Hayes

“Delusional, woke, abhorrent hogwash – the most sanctimonious, self-serving example of an advert I’ve ever seen”. – Ellie Y.


John Lewis acknowledged the backlash, and issued a statement through their twitter,

What’s revealing about the comments is that many of them refer to the behavior of the boy, turning what some see as a playful, tongue-in-cheek advertisement into a PSA for who knows what. Take a look at some tweets John Lewis & Partners received after their post, 


The commercial does have at least one celebrity supporter, musical icon Stevie Nicks, whose “Edge of Seventeen” song is the soundtrack for the ad,


What do you think of the commercial Instincters? Is it yet another case of the male patriarchy asserting their power, or do people need to chill the F out? Sound off in the comments below.

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