The Amazing City Of Baltimore Gets A Much Needed Charge To Their LGBT Nightlife Landscape

Since the famed Hippo nightclub danced their last dance in Baltimore, MD in the Fall of 2015, the amazing city in Maryland has yearned for a brand new spot to hit the dance floor, grab a cocktail, and call their own. While The Eagle and Grand Central have both provided a nightlife alternative to the LGBT community, the change of ownership at Grand Central is providing even more growing pains to a city that truly deserves to have their amazing LGBT community celebrated and showcased in spaces where the community can truly appreciate them.


That could all be changing very soon. Night Shift (located at 1725 Ponca St, right in Baltimore) was originally a female strip club, and is now poised to become a brand new nightlife space for the LGBT community of Baltimore. Currently located in Canton, the owners are going for a “new kind of LGBTQ club”, according to DJ Ryan Doubleyou. Doubleyou went on to say “Night Shift operated as a hereto strip club for a long time and we are excited to change that up. It’s a great space to convert to a nightclub and we have a lot of fun surprises in store.”

Chris Jay, who is management at the space exclusively tells me “the space operated as a strip club for a long time and we now get to blend a few lines and create a true LGBTQ adult playground, so to speak. We have an Adult Entertainment License, so we are able to do some really fun things and at the same time, be within the law. I am really excited by this. It is a true test to our imaginations”


Night Shift will feature drag shows and DJ’s among other events yet to be announced. As of now, their grand opening date is Sept 13th at 7pm, where they will be celebrating a current Mid Atlantic Leather winner’s birthday!

Keep an eye out for big announcements coming soon on social media from Night Shift as they help usher in a brand new era for the LGBT community of Baltimore. 

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