The Australian Gay Man And Sister Attacked By A Bicycle Chain Share More About The Terrible Night

We have an update concerning the Australian man who was attacked while enjoying a night out with his sister.


Earlier today, we shared with you the story of Bradley and Amanda Skinner from Mackay, Northern Queensland, Australia. After that post was published, Instinct Magazine reached out to the Skinners for further comment. What we received was their full perspectives on the dreadful attack.

The night started out wonderfully with the siblings and best friends enjoying a slice of pizza at a Dominos around 8:30 pm on Sunday, April 15. While the two enjoyed the pizza and each other’s company, a 20-something-year-old man decided to call Bradley a homophobic slur.

“I only assume he called me one or knew I’m a ‘homosexual’ because we were sitting laughing having a good time,” said Bradley to Instinct Magazine, “When he had called me a faggot I just ignored it as I’m really use to it. Having grown up in a small country town, I’m always being name called since as long as I can remember. My sister however doesn’t take kindly to her little brother being name called or bullied.”

“I said what gives you the right to say that about my brother and how dare you, have some more respect,” Amanda recalled, “He then called me a studio slut and told me to fuck off where I belong. I then got close to him that’s when he punched me.”


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It was then that Bradley got up to defend his sister. A few punches were exchanged between the two men before Bradley found himself on the ground. Next thing he knew, he was being hit by a weapon.

While neither sibling knew what the man was attacking Bradley with at the time, police later discovered that the man’s weapon of choice was a bicycle chain.


“He hit me from my upper legs up to my head. I kept trying to grab it and cover my face while he was swinging it at me. Once he hit me on the head for the last time that’s when I fell to the ground and I don’t remember too much from then on.”

At that point, Bradley had become too weak to even open his eyes. All he could sense, in between the pain and the lack of strength, was the sound of screaming and the urge to vomit.

Meanwhile, his sister Amanda was terrified for the safety of her brother.

“I was so angry and upset. I had so many emotions going through my head. I just wanted him to stop hurting my brother,” Amanda remarked, “I jumped on his back to pull him off and broke a nail and got pushed into a wall in that time.”



Though the moment lasted forever in the Skinners’ minds, it was soon over. Next thing they knew, the man was gone and first responders had arrived.

Bradley Skinner was quickly transported to the Mackay base for emergency attention. While he was initially released the next day, Bradley decided to go to the hospital again after feeling dizzy. Luckily, the worse did not come to fruition. Doctors were pleased to find that Bradley wasn’t suffering from brain damage. That said, he did show signs of vertigo.


Now at home, Bradley is spending 3 weeks away from work in order to recuperate. In the meantime, the police have captured the assailant. They've deducted that a bicycle chain was the weapon used against Bradley due to the suspect having it when he was arrested.

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While Bradley and Amanda Skinner would like to think this horrible moment, and any more like it, is now behind them, the two know better. In fact, this is now the third time that Bradley has been gay bashed.


“I was bashed walking home from a party when I was 17,” recounts Bradley, “Suffered a broken nose and chipped bottom teeth. I knew the guy that had done this, but because he was only 16 they let him off with no charges. I was then bashed when I was 19 in Airlie beach. He was charged and put into police custody.”

When asked why he insisted on staying in Mackay despite these constant attacks, Bradley Skinner responded that he didn’t. Despite Mackay being home since he was 11, Bradley moved away when he turned 19. He then lived in Brisbane and Perth for a couple years, but he missed being closer to his family.

“Being so far away from home and missing out on my niece and 4 nephews growing up, I got home sick and decided to move back March 2017.”

It seems that family is a guiding pillar in both Skinners’ lives, and the two siblings both depend on each other dearly.


“I’m very family orientated. My family has always been really supportive of who I am and have helped me grow into the man I am today,” says Bradley, “I’m always a giving person and I guess too kind in most ways. My older sister who was there protecting me, she’s always been my rock and my best friend.”

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And Amanda feels the same way as she only had kind words to share about her brother, “He’s a brave and strong young man that will help anyone in need. He is the most kind and loving person this is why I’m so upset. He is not only my brother but my best friend.”


Sadly though, this third attack has made Bradley Skinner consider moving away again. While Bradley’s glad to hear that the man who attacked him was caught, the attack alone has caused a lot of stress.

“If I got a chance to speak with him, I’d ask him why? What makes him feel the right to put down and humiliate someone for their sexuality? It doesn’t make me angry for what he’s done. Just sad that someone’s feels the need to do such a thing.”


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