The Award Winning HIV+ Musical Comedy “Merce” Returns For Season 2

Mixing classic film vibes with it’s ultra cheeky potty mouth flair, the second season of the groundbreaking web series Merce comes roaring back and features a total of eight new episodes. Each episode also features it’s own unique and fully choreographed original musical numbers. 

All of the series’ favorite characters are also returning for Season 2. They include the outrageous Southern Mama, the always fabulous fairies and, of course, the loveable Merce who refuses to be defined by his HIV+ status. The stories remain consistently hilarious, but Season 2 manages to weigh in on current and hot button issues that affect the HIV community. Everything from slut shaming to PrEP to gay marriage are all addressed, all in typical Merce fashion. Most importantly though, the fans will be thrilled to find out that Merce, at long last, finds love! 

Tyne Firmin, the show’s director and producer (who also plays Southern Mama) remembers videotaping people in Central Park in 2015, before filming of the series began. “We asked them one simple question, ‘Who is your favorite HIV-positive character on TV or in the movies?’ The answers were mostly ‘Ummm…’ A few mentioned a character from one of the historical films about the AIDS crisis but nothing current. We wanted to change that” he reveals. 

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