‘The Bachelor’ Alum Colton Underwood Stars in New Underwear Ad

Colton Underwood is starring in the latest ad video of the inner wear brand Subset, and he goes full commando in it… 

(c) Instagram: @coltonunderwood / @rye_nordin

The 32-year-old ‘The Bachelor’ alum shared the video via a joint post with Subset, and the caption reads:


“from commando to connoisseur. i set out to find the best innerwear… and i found it. Introducing: @wearsubset — organic cotton, non-toxic materials and they are committed to making our planet better. sounds like a win, win, win to me. #SetYourNewStandard”

Aside from starring in the ad, Underwood also directed it, and the video is quite playful and sensual, to say the least. In fact, people are loving it in the comments section, and here are some of their sentiments:

“Yummy yummy handsome hot sexy sexy gorgeous man,” @johnfleagle wrote.

“It’s not fair how attractive this man is,” @rustcitystag expressed.


“Bring that to my house,” @okmygays suggested.

Subset also commented:

“Name a better pair… Colton Underwood in our Cotton Underwear. We’ll wait.”

“I want a piece of him,” @mascolimassimo admitted.


“You heard it probably before but I can watch this all day. Seriously,” @jerooen also expressed.

And on that note, you can watch Underwood’s new underwear ad here:

Thoughts on this hottie’s sexy ad? 😉

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