‘The Bachelor’s Matt & ‘MasterChef’s Khanh Address Gay Romance Rumors

Matt Agnew and Khanh Ong are very close friends, to the point where they are comfortable enough to hold hands, go on weekly date nights, and even share a cuddle.

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Whether or not their friendship is really just platonic, ‘The Bachelor’ star and ‘MasterChef Australia’ contestant addressed the topic during their appearance on the Feast podcast. Ultimately, the two TV personalities denied that there is anything “sexual” in their relationship.


“It’s the lack of affection straight men show other men that people assume there must be something sexual there.

Being affectionate and tactile with your friends, and blokes especially need to do more of this. Everyone should be comfortable enough in their sexuality that they don’t feel uncomfortable showing affection, men or women,” Agnew explained.

He added,

“There’s that random line in the sand – nah blokes can’t show affection – which is stupid.”

Being both single and in need of companionship, Agnew further shared that they enjoy sharing a platonic cuddle.


“Humans are very social creatures. Cuddles and embraces, that releases dopamine and makes you feel good. For everyone, women and men, cuddling is important. That physical comfort and being able to feel safe. It’s something inherently human,” he expressed.

The 35-year-old ‘The Bachelor’ star noted that they call each other and suggest, “lets have a movie night, have a cuddle,” and he also said that “it makes you feel better.”

And to that, Ong, who is openly gay, added:

“We usually do it on Tuesdays!”


The ‘MasterChef Australia’ star shared that they had their date night twice in the past week, as he was feeling “fragile” last Monday.

“We were friends and it got to a point where we were like, ‘Do you just want to come on the couch and watch a movie and sit and hold hands?’ 

I was missing the companionship. The sex is easy but the company was the hard thing to find so it kind of just worked,” Ong further explained.

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