The Bad Boy Web Series Has A New Video And Crowdfunding Campaign

Screenshot via YouTube

The Bad Boys are back and they’re looking for our help to make their series as best as it can be.

Last May, we shared with you an episode of the ongoing Bad Boy series, except that episode was  only the second in what’s now become a new and  blossoming web series.

The series started initially as a one-off video in which Tony Harth & Artie O’Daly played a young, dumb, and lovable bad boy named Mack and the gay man he randomly adopted as his “daddy.”

The internet responded so well to that first video that a second one was made, the one we wrote about, and now a third one has been added to the mix.

In addition, Artie O’Daly and the rest of the creative team have confirmed (for those who missed the line in one of the videos) that both the two main characters are gay.

As the official YouTube account shared in the comments of the third video:

“Mack has decided that Scott is his ‘daddy,’ and Scott is assuming the role more and more even when he says he doesn’t want to. They’ve never hooked up, but they’re both gay and single. With each short, I’m trying to deepen and complicate their relationship. And there’ll be several more “Bad Boy” shorts to see what comes of that.”

They also added:

“It was the phrasing that confused people. Scott: “So you’re not gay?” Mack: “Oh, totally!” And it probably should have been “Oh, I totally am!” But yes, Mack is gay.”

But here’s the thing. The Bad Boy series is a pricey endeavor and the creators need help.

As they’ve shared in the video below, they are looking for a little crowdfunding to get more videos of Mack and Scott out for us to enjoy. If you want to support them, watch the video below and then head over to their Indiegogo page.


In addition, you can watch all three of their current Bad Boy videos below.


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