“The Bear Community Will Always Be My People”-Daniel Franzese Prepares For His First Series of TEDDY Talks

Stand-up comedian/actor/activist Daniel Franzese has tackled film, stage and even web series, and is now stepping into the world of motivational speaking. While TED Talks have featured everyone from drag performer/political candidate Marti Gould Cummings to trailblazing singer Rufus Wainwright, Franzese is tackling his own take on the TED Talks and putting a unique stamp on it. With a little help from the burly loving social media app GROWLr, Franzese is giving a series of his brilliantly coined TEDDY Talks.  

In terms of content, Franzese will be discussing issues that are important to both him and the community he is speaking to. On Friday September 25th, Daniel presents “Bearly Famous: Being a Bear Star in a non-Bear World” where he will be discussing his experiences in film, television, theater and stand-up comedy, and will also be taking questions from the audience virtually. (Fans are also encouraged to ask anything!) Next up, on Friday October 2nd, Franzese will be presenting “Stay Hungry, Never Thirsty” where he will be chatting openly about body acceptance, self-worth, and self-esteem, as well as offering helpful tips on having an egoless relationship with yourself. Finally on Friday October 9th, Daniel will be resenting “Bear Cub Comedy Club”, where Franzese will dive in for chats with comedians and writers in the bear community, and lets them share their experiences and how they are utilizing humor to navigate their own lives. 


Franzese says of the TEDDY Talks “When GROWLr approached me about doing these live events, I saw it as a great opportunity to speak to the community that has embraced me since day one.” He went on to say “Once GROWLr and I decided to collaborate I joined the Live streams daily. I’m building friendships and community in my streams because I want to know my audience and communicate personally. I don’t want to talk AT the audience, I want to talk WITH my peers.” 


“The Bear community is and always will be my people and I have a lot of thoughts to share. It is one of the most underrepresented communities in the LGBTQ+ spectrum. It is time we bears rise up to who we all are which is, in my opinion, the kindest and most welcoming part of the gay community.”

All three of Daniel Franzese’s TEDDY TALKS shows are free to everyone on the GROWLr app: https://apps.apple.com/app/id393402212?mt=8

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