The Biggest ‘Horror Story’ is There’s No Full Frontal on THIS Show!

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Cheyenne Jackson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Dylan McDermott, Matt Bomer, Wes Bentley and nearly a dozen others – American Horror Story is notorious for providing viewers with eye candy while rolling out its devilish and demented stories. 

The Ryan Murphy created series became insanely popular ever since its debut in October 2011. However, in my opinion, the level of storytelling started to die off after season 8, ‘Apocalypse.’ And, honestly, even the first half of that season was rough


When it was announced that a spin-off series, American Horror Stories, was in development and each episode would be different from the last, I passed on that adventure because I felt as if the showrunners were beating a dead horse with a stick. 

My husband is persistent, though, and we subscribed to Hulu this week just to binge watch the first season. Surprisingly, it’s one of my favorite seasons in the franchise so far! I love each episode being different instead of every season being different because it has the ability to move on from the previous storyline. 

And, of course, there’s a ton of eye candy to make a viewing that much more interesting.

Here’s a list of my favorite men from season 1, in alphabetical order.


Season two of American Horror Stories debuted on Hulu on July 21, 2022! I can’t wait to see what shenanigans, nightmares and nearly naked men that season has to offer!

Aaron Tviet – Episode 2, Episode 6


Adam Hagenbuch – Episode 7

Chad James Buchanan – Episode 5


Charles Melton – Episode 4


Dyllon Burnside – Episode 4

Leonardo Cecchi – Episode 3


Nico Greetham – Episode 4


Ronen Rubinstein – Episode 5

Did you watch season 1 of American Horror Stories last year? Who and what did you enjoy the most? Comment and let me know!

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