The Bizarre Life Of YouTuber, Chris Chan

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Transgender Vlogger, Chris Chan, Has Been Arrested & Charged With Incest Of Ailing Mother

Are you on of the people who curl up on your bed watching the Netflix True Crime documentaries like Don’t F*ck with Cats or Making a Murderer? Or sat on your couch with eyes glued to Hulu’s scripted True Crime series, The Act, which gained Patricia Arquette an Emmy award as real-life victim and alleged abuser, Dee Dee Blanchard? Well, sit back and get ready because this next story has true crime docuseries written all over it. It’s likely going to be triggering, because of the gruesome content, so if you’re squeamish please click that back button – this is one rabbit hole many of us will not want to go down. But, alas, here we go…


For years, viewers have been tuning in to the suspiciously strange YouTube videos from Chris Chan or CwcvilleGuardian (her digital persona), but also known legally as Christine Weston Chandler. Remember this name, because you are probably going to hear a lot about this story as it unfolds as media begins to pick it up. Chan joined YouTube almost ten years ago and dedicated her page to random vlogs about her homelife in Virginia, gaming, music, and creating art. Her first work, cited as early as the year 2000, was once a popular web-comic called Sonichu, inspired by legacy video games and cartoons like Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, and Sonic the Hedgehog. After finding success with Sonichu, only because it was shared widely to be mocked, Chan decided to switch the narrative of the comics to reflect her own feelings, personal problems, battling trolls (parodying real-life internet-keyboard warriors), and sex life – or lack thereof. Sometime around 2007, Chan was discovered to be the creator of Sonichu and this set internet trolls into supreme online ridicule of both Chan, her autism, and her work. Why? Because then-Christian Chandler’s real-life-digital-persona was fueled by misogyny, homophobia, manipulation, and narcissism. To combat with these trolls who turned into hackers, Chan began to switch up her work and posted pornographic images, one that portrayed her performing a sex act with a real-life friend. Yes, she was getting attacked for her real-life persona and eccentricities which is terrible, but her plans of a comeback backfired entirely and sent her further into a spiral of bizarre internet behavior.

In 2011, after the death of her father, Chan began to experience gender dysphoria and told her online friends she identifies as a Tomgirl, much to her parents’ chagrin. In 2016, Chan legally changed her name to Christine and began living her life as a transgender woman. She had mutilated her genitals in order to ‘grow’ a vagina and legally changed her gender as well. Later, she would come out as a bisexual transgender woman. In 2018, Chan developed a God-complex, believing her cartoon creations would collide in a ‘dimensional merge’ – and called her subscribers and followers, ‘Devotees of Chris Chan Sonichu.’

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Before Chan was creating web-comics, she was first kicked out of Piedmont Virginia Community College due to allegedly soliciting and threatening the Dean of the school, Mary Lee Walsh, who was written into the web-comics as an evil witch. Chan would return a year later, after attending angry management courses, and graduated with a degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design. Chan’s original creation of Sonichu was shockingly geared towards targeting a young audience, despite themes being inappropriate, such as nudity, sex, and violence. Chan cited her work to ‘educate children’ on important matters such as revenge porn and online bullying.


Later, Chan set forth on what she called a ‘love quest’ to find a girlfriend and accomplish [then-Christian’s] a goal of being a ‘house husband’. Online dating is definitely the way to go post-pandemic, but during this time, Chan was ridiculed and taken advantage of by trolls pretending to be women and so on and so forth. This catfishing continued and in 2007, Chan was catfished by someone who they thought was a young adult female, but in all actuality it was a thirteen-year-old boy who later blackmailed Chan as they had cyber-sex. Chan has a long history of homophobic comments, including wanting to ‘find a vaccine for homosexuality’, but did apologize upon her identifying as transgender in 2014.

In 2016, Chan made threats to then-President Donald Trump, whom she despised. This is also when Chan’s altered reality came to a head. Chan, while living at his mother Barbara, came across a malicious troll group who cyber-manipulated her into announcing she was a pedophile, physically abusing her mother, convincing her of delusional thoughts, and extorted money. Chan refused to see a psychiatrist due to poor experiences with them in her past. From this, Chan also refused to gain employment and would then ask her followers for monetary donations to live and sell blankets her mother made to her online audience. Chan has been accused of taking advantage of her ailing mother by holding her hostage and showcasing her for pity money. This is all the basis for a watchable lifetime movie, and tragic in itself without parody, but it gets even worse.

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According to Insider, Chan is currently being held in a Virginia jail for freaking incest! After leaked audio recording and text messages were sent to authorities, Chan was arrested and live streamed footage of the arrest exists online. Allegedly, Chan has been charged with having non-consensual sex with her now-disabled mother. Chan is denying the allegations, but an arrest was made – and viewers of her content have cited incidents dating back to 2016 where Chan admitted having sex dreams about her mother, referring to Barbara as a “guilty pleasure”, and strange flirting and cuddling videos. Chan has been on record stating incest teaches children how to be better [partners] later in life. Last month, a protective order was placed and Chan was removed from her family home. She violated the order by stealing money from her mother’s bank account. Chan is currently in jail being held without bond.


Chan has been trending on Twitter and over various blogs for her despicable allegations and has avid social media users, specifically YouTubers and gamers alike, blasting her through the masses. A quick YouTube search will let anyone see Chan’s strange behavior has been followed and documented for years – Chan certainly knows how to cause a raucous. If you want to take a deeper dive, SomeOrdinaryGamers from YouTube have collected mass amounts of information and other key details in a video uploaded yesterday that has garnered almost one million views as of this posting.  Check it out below:

We’ll keep you posted with further updates to this excruciating and exhausting saga.

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Image via YouTube | Analysis Anarchy Red Vs Blue Part 5 Reaction+

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