The Boulet Brother’s Assistant Is Your Favorite Nightmare!

The Boulet Brother’s Assistant Is Your Favorite Nightmare!

Ian DeVoglaer Literally Bares All!

You may be familiar with the Boulet Brothers. They’re a zany, demonic couple who host a variety of drag events, but most particular, Dragula, which can be found on the WOWPresents YouTube Channel. It’s nearly impossible not to hear of the Boulet Brothers within the drag community, as they take parts of the horror genre and combine it with the creativity of drag queens. While I appreciate their subgenre of drag, Drag Queens have never necessarily been my thing. Well, that is until I came across the Brothers’ hottie hot hot assistant, Ian DeVoglaer.  If you follow DeVoglaer on Instagram, you are most definitely having the wettest nightmares over his incredible body that he isn’t afraid to show off! I got the chance to catch up with the Boulet Brothers’ assistant, because I just had to know more about him!

Mickey Keating: Okay Ian, so, besides being my ultimate thirst trap, what exactly do you like, do?!

Ian DeVoglaer: “I work as The Boulet Brothers' assistant, but as their assistant I work as the events manager for their parties and as Line Producer for their TV show, "The Boulet Brothers' DRAGULA: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster", on top of the weekly rotating insanity that comes with working for The Mistresses of The Night. I like to tell people that working for The Boulet Brothers is a nightmare come true  Basically, she works really fucking hard.”

MK: Nearly every photo on your social media showcases your body. Nobody is complaining, trust me. However, do you get shamed for your posts?

ID: “Shamed for being a thot – first off, you're making me blush. Secondly, the closest I get to being shamed is my roommate teasing me. People have been really sweet…and super thirsty.”

MK: Okay, I have to know what my chances are. What’s your type?

ID: “Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a huge bear chaser. Big guys, hairy guys, musclebears, beefy cubs, basically a man who's built for winter and knows how to eat. [But, to be swooned] I love goofy guys who don't take themselves too seriously. If we're in bed, we better be able to laugh in between rounds, you know?”

MK: Dang! I’m out. But, about those almost-naked photos. You seem to have an endless amount of underwear. How many pairs of do you own?

ID: “I lost count, but it literally takes me hours to fold them all. Send help or a rich perv who wants to buy a pair."


You must head over to DeVoglaer’s Instagram to find your newest, favorite NSFW pictures. You can find him at any Boulet Brothers’ event in a jockstrap holding a clipboard. He’s always at Precinct in Downtown Los Angeles on Friday nights and is soon going on tour with the ‘Mistresses of the Night’! Trust me, this isn’t going to be the last we’ve seen of DeVoglaer…not by a long shot!

And, don’t forget that the winner, or as the Boulet Brothers’ say, Supermonster, of Dragula is airs on January 16th! Make sure you’re tuning in!

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