The Brand New Video Is Timed For The 20th Anniversary of ‘Stripped’

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Pop icon and many a gay’s favorite diva Christina Aguilera surprised her fans on Monday, October 10th dropping news that in honor of the 20th anniversary of both her mammoth hit album StrippedΒ and World Mental Health Day she filmed a brand new video for Beautiful.

Beautiful,Β written and produced by hit-maker Linda Perry, was a monster hit for Aguilera winning her a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. The song was also nominated for Song of the Year. It has become one of her signature singles.



Since its 2002 release, Beautiful has become an anthem for the queer community, with the accompanying video winning a GLAAD Media Award for its positive portrayal of gay and transgender people. It was also named the most empowering song of the decade by the UK LGBTQ organization Stonewall. Speaking to People magazine earlier this year on the legacy of Beautiful the Fighter singer said,

“I was also proud to put a spotlight on the LGBTQ+ community with my “Beautiful” music video, which features a gay couple, as well as a trans woman. I wasn’t thinking too much about it beyond wanting to show people owning who they are. It was somehow taboo at the time, but it represented something so true. I still hear stories about how that video has helped people, and it means everything to me.”





It’s gonna be a long nine days! Remember Instincters as our girl Xtina proudly sings,


Sources: People

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  1. She is one of my divas, you know how us gays have our fave girls. Beautiful was one of the first music videos to feature a gay couple it was very powerful for me as a young closeted gay. Love you Xtina.


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