The Bridgertons’ Stress-Relief of Choice is Dance

In today’s episode of things you never knew you needed, we present: videos of your favorite Bridgerton stars grooving to breakout songs and iconic hits behind the scenes.

Bridgerton actors appear pensive and serious onscreen, as they should, them being titled, wealthy members of the high society and all.


But a behind the scenes footage posted by Luke Newton, who plays Colin Bridgerton in the popular period drama, revealed a glimpse into the cast’s fun-loving spirit off-screen.


The video shows the cast, dressed head-to-toe in magnificent period costumes, dancing in unison to Sister Sledge’s We Are Family. Clapping and having the groove of their life alongside Bridgerton choreographer Jack Murphy, the stars chanted the iconic hit song’s lyrics: “We are family, come on all my sisters and me”.  


In an interview with Insider, Newton revealed that the dance was the cast’s way of de-stressing after a long day of shooting. He says the idea of a dance-along was introduced by none other than Instinct’s favorite hottie, the lovable Jonathan Bailey.

Newton shares: “Sometimes after lunch, energy can dip a bit.”


“It was Jonathan Bailey who asked the choreographer, Jack Murphy, if we could have a more modern dance that we could do on set. We wanted something that we could just put on. So, we had Sister Sledge’s We Are Family, and we had a little routine that we’d bust out to bring everyone’s energy levels back up.”

This isn’t the first time Bridgerton stars impressed the internet with their dance moves. Florence Hunt, who plays the youngest Bridgerton sibling Hyacinth, broke the internet with a goofy behind-the-scene (BTS) video of the cast grooving to Kesha’s Tik Tok.


Her caption read: “Bridgerton TikTok BTS has begun.”

Safe to say, getting along off-screen and all this playing around are the secrets to the Bridgertons’ on-screen connection.

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