The Buff Mr. Beckham Also Has Impeccable Taste In Pants

#FBF to one of our favorite memes of the year (image via reddit)

Let’s face it: former professional footballer and all-around hottie David Beckham is eye-candy for the ages.

And here’s some #FBF action to prove it.

A thread over at Reddit’s r/gay chat recently discovered this eye-catching meme from a while ago highlighting Beckham’s bodacious backside watch.

The pic of Beckham’s “watch” went viral when an eagle-eyed fan zoomed in on the legendary footballer’s timepiece from Tudor Watches. It turns out the 44-year-old is an ambassador for the brand and wears their Black Bay Bronze diver’s watch.

But in close-up, many found something much more interesting to focus on.

(image via reddit)

The meme is fun, but so are the comments by the thirsty Redditors. Here are just some of the comments from the gays of Reddit showing their appreciation for Beckham’s big, fat, wonderful ‘watch:’

“He has such a nice…watch.”

“I need to do things to that watch.”

“I want to eat that watch.”

“It’s a very form-fitting watch.”

“The watch was literally the last thing I noticed.”

“What watch?”

“Goddamn, he’s got a watch you could bounce a quarter off of. That watch is so nice I wouldn’t mind adjusting it a little bit, and I’m a complete bottom.”

But the winner for best response just might have to be:

“Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”

And while we’re here, let’s take a quick trip through some of dashing David’s Instagram for some holiday inspiration and woofy goodness. Happy Friday!

(Source: reddit)

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