The Butt Seen ‘Round the World

If you’re a baseball fan, you must have been keeping up with the viral video that has been circulating all week. If you’re not a baseball fan…you are now!

The video in question features Oakland Athletics catcher Sean Murphy at the plate and a pitch coming right at him, but instead it ricochets right off of his butt. Can we change the name to “America’s Favorite Asstime”?


The ball to the bussy occurred at Monday night’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

The video has been shared millions of times on social media and will undoubtedly live on in the Twitterverse as one of the most iconic moments in ass history.



Murphy went on to score after being hit on the derriere thanks to Seth Brown’s second home run of the season. Murphy also hit his first career triple in the sixth inning of Monday’s game.

Okay, but back to the ass!

If you watch the replay, homeboy really knows how to throw it back.


Let’s call this reparations for 2017 when Oakland A’s outfielder Matt Joyce shouted anti-gay slurs at a fan.

Murphy shared with the San Francisco Chronicle:


It’s crazy how social media is. I could have hit four home runs yesterday, four grand slams, and it wouldn’t have had the attention I had last night. So it’s just crazy with social media. It’s funny.

It’s a great shot, it is. It’s a great shot. I’m not mad at it … If it’s going to happen, you might as well enjoy it.

He’s such a good sport! Give this guy MVBP (Most Valuable Booty Pop)!

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, Twitter


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