The Cardi B & Candace Owens Twitter War Is… A Lot


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The Rapper Versus The Conservative Author Showed To Be The Gnarliest 2020 Twitter Battle Yet


Opinionated persons in the age of social media are always going to make headlines. When rapper and former reality television superstar, Cardi B, isn’t getting ridiculous amounts of global attention for risqué and catchy music videos like the most recent WAP or Twerk, she’s having some divisive conversations online. Candace Owens is often on social media in between book writings with her musings and while she has a large fan base, she is typically receiving backlash from an unpopular opinion. When you combine both of these ladies in the same virtual conversation, you’re striking flint and steel to make a real-life fire. The ladies raised hell late last night on Twitter and since they put their business on blast, we get to talk about it. Here’s what happened…

We all know the Presidential Election is two months away and anyone who follows politics is losing their minds. Owens has been a long time supporter of Donald Trump and while Cardi B was a Bernie Sanders champion, she has since shifted to the current Democratic candidate, Joe Biden. Cardi is extremely influencing – she constantly has her music videos being remade, her mannerisms mimicked, and her catch phrase of “o’kurrr” repeated on a loop from her obsessed fanatics. Cardi’s platform led her to being one of the first people to interview Biden who, at that point, was staying far away from televised interviews. Owens’ stance on Cardi interviewing Biden blew over into a viral Instagram video after she sat down with Conservative pundit, Ben Shapiro, and put the Love and Hip Hop star on blast for contributing to the disintegration of black culture. She proclaims Cardi is a “puppet of the Democrats” and believes that Biden and his team think Cardi is an idiot. Owens fires back at Cardi’s claim of Trump being homophobic when he was for gay marriage before his election – where Biden and Barack Obama switched their tune and got behind gay marriage after they won a second Presidential term. Owens then touches on race, especially the raised support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Owens has defamed the late George Floyd, someone Cardi has been an ally of. Owens continues to direct Cardi to get educated before she tries to involve herself in politics, especially when she spreads lies. Owens believes Cardi having number one songs shouldn’t give her a free pass to interview politicians – she is unwavering that Cardi is being used. This video clearly didn’t sit well with Cardi and she fired back in a faceless Instagram video stating her side. Owens’ video is below:


Cardi claims that Owens have been antagonizing her for years. Cardi wants to state that she has a voice and can be involved in politics if she desires. Cardi then surprises us when she reveals Owens tried to do a sit down interview with her – and even offered her $250K to do so… Cardi declined the proposal. Cardi calls Owens’ opinion on Floyd’s death and the BLM movement dangerous – and states that Trump has had every chance to be upset in unison with the BLM movement, but instead he directed his anger at trivial things like painted murals in the streets. Cardi is laser focused on getting Trump out of office because she doesn’t like him and her mind won’t be changed. Cardi wants to end their feud, because she is simply over it. But, that doesn’t stop her from reigniting their argument via Twitter after both videos have been posted. Cardi’s video response to Owens is below:


It’s not much of a shock that Cardi comes with receipts. Owens has favored Cardi in prior tweets, even agreeing with her that some celebrities coming out as positive for the Coronavirus sound like Influencers trying to sell flat tummy tea. Ironically, Owens also tweeted in April 2018 claiming that Cardi should get involved in politics, liking her to a female version of Kanye West – someone who thinks for themselves.

Cardi then takes a turn for the petty route during her late-night tweets against Owens’ pregnancy – more or less. Which is a little disappointing since she was seemingly holding her own without any foul language. She claims the Republicans are using Owens and believes Owens is using her as a stepping stone for sale of the latter’s recent novel. As their Twitter war began to settle, Cardi flies an insult about Owens’ privates…


Owens seemingly ended their hours-long debate this morning by focusing on one of the policies Cardi is projecting: Defunding the police.

Cardi and Owens is certainly not the “battle” we anticipated to the start of Fall 2020, but we can be real sure that it won’t be the last as November and a potential new President approaches.

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