The “Cash Me Outside” Girl Just Made Millions In 6 Hours on Onlyfans

A week ago, I shared a post calling out our current pop culture landscape where terrible people find wealth and success as reality show stars. From table flipping to ratchet backstabbing for sport, some of the worst human behaviors are rewarded. But that’s how it goes. I get it. Vapid reality shows and social media stars attract audiences, gain high ratings, and in many cases, cash in with big paychecks, while the rest of us do the 9 to 5 hustle.


With that in mind, remember the obnoxious juvenile from the Dr. Phil Show known as the “Cash Me Outside” girl? Well, the foul-mouthed, barely 18 year-old delinquent-turned rapper claims she’s made over $1,000,000 from her new Onlyfans account – $1,092,762.63 to be exact.

In a video posted to TikTok Danielle Bregoli, aka Bad Bhabie, boasted and showed what she claims is proof that in just six hours after launching her Onlyfans account, she earned six figures in revenue,


She posted to social media, “not bad for 6 hours 🤩 we broke the f–k out of that Onlyfans record,” 

After Bregoli hit pop culture phenom, becoming one of the most shared memes, offers for reality TV and media opportunities came a-knockin’. Her only claim to fame at that stage was horrendously talking back to her mother, who had taken her to the Dr. Phil show for a behavioral intervention. The episode escalated to foolishness quickly with Bregoli not only disrespecting her mother and Dr. Phil but at one point insulting the audience and challenging one audience member to a fight with her memorable phrase, “Cash Me Outside, How bow dah!” (Translation: Catch me outside, how about that?)

It’s unclear if Bregoli’s Onlyfans page will include nudity or sexual content; however, given her young age, many of her social media followers have ridiculed her for launching the account. But she is of legal age. Whatever the content, according to PageSix, someone familiar with Bregoli’s account claims it’s on track to “generate more than $5 million in gross revenue in 24 hours.”

It seems Bregoli does have some talent too, though. On August 24, 2017 she reached number 77 on the Billboard Hot 100 —the youngest female rap artist ever to debut on the music chart. One way or another, it seems this chick is determined to extend her fifteen minutes of fame. It looks like it’s working as she heads all the way to the bank soon to “Cash all dem checks— how bow dah!

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