The Cast of ‘Bad Boys: Texas’ is Collectively Beautiful

Photo Credit: @thezeusnetwork on Instagram

I love reality television. If I could funnel it into a blender and drink it every morning as a smoothie, I would. Singing shows, baking shows, competitive shows, falling in love shows – I watch them all. Especially any of the new additions to Zeus Network. As a subscription-based platform, Zeus has the capacity to showcase its content completely uncensored. Mostly serving to give iconic reality stars a new home while simultaneously birthing a new breed, it’s safe to say you’ve at least seen clips from Joseline’s Cabaret or Baddies (hello, Chrisean Rock). 

Then, there’s Bad Boys, which is basically Bad Girls Club but with men. Several social media influencers, aspiring industry talent and noteworthy personalities live together in a mansion. Gay, straight, undecided – it’s a startling mix of character traits that beg for headbutting. They party, they argue, they evolve… and they beat the Hell out of each other, really. We’re only two episodes into the new season and someone already has a broken hand. However, this season is also full of good-looking men, so I’m giving you their best looks below. 


**Not pictured is That’s So Raven’s Orlando Brown because I searched his social media and… yeah. A lot to unpack there. 

  1. Jonathan – celebrity hair stylist 

2. Raz B – 1/4 of boy band B2K 


3. Mocity – model


4. Chef D – food master and pastry maker 


5. Prince – brand ambassador and aspiring rapper 

6. Kerrion – son of Kirk Franklin and owner of Swank Media LLC


7. Ahrah – new to the industry game 


8. Anthony – club owner and party planner 


9. Adonis – dress designer 

Which one of these Bad Boys is your favorite based on looks alone? Are you watching the second season that recently debuted on Zeus Network? Comment and let me know!

New episodes of Bad Boys: Texas air on Sunday nights only on Zeus Network. 

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