The Cast of ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ Talk All About Their Wicked Comeback

Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy are back as Sanderson Sisters in the much-awaited sequel of ‘Hocus Pocus,’ and they are coming to modern-day Salem.

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The witch sisters Winnie (Midler), Sarah (Parker) and Mary (Najimy) have been accidentally brought back by three young girls Becca (Whitney Peak), Cassie (Lilia Buckingham) and Izzy (Belissa Escobedo) after 29 years since they disappeared.


The actresses who play the roles of the Sanderson Sisters talked about their collaborative process with director Anne Fletcher as they brought the iconic witch trio back to life.

“You guys created these characters, you know how they talk and what they do or don’t do,” Midler shared what Fletcher told them, and how the notes that were provided by the actors were incorporated into the script.

However, they admitted that writing the script was the “hardest part,” which Parker described as

“trying to figure out a story that everybody was excited about and that was familiar enough in tone to make sense, nod to the past, and pay tribute to a [the first film’s] whimsy, ridiculousness, evilness, and wickedness.”


Najimy also commended the team’s hard work for successfully coming up with a script “that’s current and fun” after taking their suggestions and making the process collaborative.

“What the writer and studio came up with was difficult, because you can’t take something that was so successful and stray too far from it.

The first one had something delicious about it, but you also want to make something new,” the 65-year-old actress stated.

Furthermore, Midler explained a bit more about the plot sharing,

“There are three young girls who are relatively new to the world. They’re not witches, but they have the potential to become witches, to follow in our footsteps. Pitting the young against the veterans, it’s a conflict that audiences like to see. Who’s going to win? Or, is anybody going to win?”


Can’t wait for the release of the highly anticipated sequel? The long wait is almost over, as a movie event streaming for ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ will be held on September 30 on Disney+.


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