The Cute and Funny Guys from ‘Matt & Dan’ Are Back!

Courtesy Matt & Dan

After a long awaited hiatus, comedic duo Matthew Wilkas & Daniel Vincent Gordh are finally coming back with Season two of their web series, Matt & Dan. The funny (and cute!) boys who had fans ROFL are punching up their second season with funnier sketches, more guest stars, bigger wigs, and more compromising situations. Season Two will feature eight hilarious episodes, and will see Matt and Dan living through a zombie apocalypse, stripping at a bachelorette party, and surviving a plane crash in the Himalayas!

Co-creators, Daniel Vincent Gordh and Matthew Wilkas shared with Instinct:

In season two, we were really able to expand on what we did with season one, and create a much bigger world. Just like season one, every episode is a new situation and new characters – but Season Two is bigger in just about every way – higher production value, more insane situations, more hilarious guest stars, and ALSO more episodes this season. It’s still remains weird as f*ck, it’s still gay and queer and all the colors of the rainbow and, and it’s still completely unfiltered and made entirely by us.

Courtesy Matt & Dan

Last season, Matt & Dan set the tone for their sketch comedy series, playing a range of personalities from gay lovers, to doctors, to real estate agents, to film makers—each is packed with hilarious timing and inappropriate WTF sensations.

Matt & Dan Season 2 is written, produced and stars Wilkas and Gordh. The series is directed by William Gordh and includes guest appearances by Rightor Doyle (“Barry” HBO, “Bonding” Netflix), Kaliko Kauahi (“Super Store” NBC), Jason Michael Snow (“Black Monday” Showtime), Brian Jordan Alvarez (“Will and Grace” NBC), Laura Spencer (“Big Bang Theory” CBS), Travis Coles (“Liza On Demand” YouTube Premium, “David Makes Man” OWN), Johnny Sibilly (“Pose” FX), Julia Cho (“This is Us” NBC) and many others! After a self-funded first season, Wilkas and Gordh crowdfunded over forty five thousand dollars to produce a second season via, and are deeply committed to making queer-friendly, diverse sketch comedy of the highest quality.

Gordh says:

The process has been incredible, and hilarious, and grueling in many ways too. We’re so thrilled with how the show has turned out. As soon we finished launching season one, we immediately went into planning how we could do a second season, because we knew we had a lot more ideas we really wanted to shoot. So we did a crowdfunding campaign to make season two – which was incredibly challenging, but also so rewarding in that it really brings a collaborative energy to the project and made us accountable.  And of course the process of seeing ideas come to life that started as a stupid inside joke between Matt and I is one of the most satisfying things I can image.


The first episode of Matt & Dan Season Two will launch on Thursday, August 15th, and subsequent episodes will be released every Thursday on their YouTube channel. So subscribe to get your weekly dose of laughs!

Today, the first full trailer for the gay absurdist sketch comedy has been released.

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