THE DISAPPOINTMENTS – New Web Series Focusing On An Overlooked LGBTQ Generation. Can You Relate?

At the age of 44, I've apparently passed into gay death as well as suffered normal mid-life crisis time. Neither one is promising at all. What is there to look forward to? Which one of my nieces or nephews is going to help make sure my old gay shell of am man is taken care of when I get older? Did I plan right so I don't need someone else's assistance.  Yep, they always said plan for later.  Well, later is coming up pretty soon. 

Someone must have heard my thoughts and concerns for a new web series is looking to address these issues?  Will they give me some pointers? Make me realize I am not alone? Do it all with a chuckle and maybe a cry?  I think all of the above.

Based on actual events, THE DISAPPOINTMENTS is a darkly comedic web series that looks at pivotal issues men face as they navigate their 50’s: What do you do when you realize that time is running short, the road behind you is longer than the road ahead, and your job, your relationship, or lack thereof, and your life has not turned out the way you had hoped and planned when you were young? 

Rocked by the suicide of one of their own, a successful television producer, these men are forced to face the failures and disappointments found in their own lives; the fallout from faltering careers, empty bank accounts, the scrambling to figure out how to reinvent themselves, and setting themselves up to survive in the decades yet to come.

What makes this series important and why it needs to be made is that is shines a light on a vital segment of the LGBTQ community — a rapidly increasing population of LGBTQ aging boomers– that currently isn’t reflected in mainstream media or even in gay culture.

The project launches this week with an Indiogogo campaign to raise funds for the production of entire first season. As of publication time, fundraising was of to a good healthy start.

Screenwriter Rich Burns, whose credits include Disney animated movies, a Netflix TV series, and a soon-to-be produced gay-themed WWII feature based on his Outfest Award-winning screenplay “The Dunes of Overveen, is the series creator. He states:

The idea came from a dark place, actually. A few of us were at dinner, talking about a good friend — a gay Hollywood producer — who, depressed and struggling with money and career problems, had taken his own life. And he wasn’t the first. We knew others who had done the same thing, all within the last couple of years. These were gay men in their 40’s and 50’s, all of them hitting that age and suddenly feeling hopeless.

The story is told through the author’s unique and darkly comedic voice. “The series is painfully funny. These characters identify where they’ve fallen short and then take desperate action to turn their disappointing lives around. Most of their choices are ill-advised and the results are often straight-up disastrous.” 

The characters on this journey include;

– a hot, silver fox-type screenwriter, who, aging and struggling in his career, hopes to keep himself afloat until that next script sells by moving in with a rich, gorgeous and much younger boyfriend,

– a former sitcom star from the early 80’s who lately has been performing in truncated Broadway shows on cruise ships,

–  an unemployed actor with an estranged daughter who finds himself to be an unemployed department store fragrance salesman after an ugly meltdown in the makeup aisle,

and a host of other colorful characters both gay and straight.

The cast of actors include:

– James Campbell, (Broadway’s Forever Plaid)

– Michael Corbett (Two time Emmy winner, one of the hosts of the TV show Extra, Broadway veteran and former Young and the Restless star)

– Tom Berklund (Broadway’s A Chorus Line, The Addams Family, The Normal Heart). 

Campbell says all the actors were all drawn to this project for different reasons.

"For me it’s an opportunity to bring to light, some of the struggles, hopes, dreams and fears which we all shared, but had not necessarily shared so openly.” Corbett agrees and adds: “I know so many friends and colleagues in the community that just aren’t ready or prepared for this next life chapter, and the scripts really take you on their journey as you cry and laugh at the same time.”

The series in currently in the fundraising stages and looking for even more support from the LQTBQ community to hit their goals and begin production.  The Indiegogo campaign launched this week to a very successful start. 

Why did the team decide to go the crowd fund raising route? According to Burns:

The landscape of television and movies is constantly shifting, with streaming services leading the charge. Content is king and more and more people are bypassing the traditional routes, taking matters into their own hands. And the results can be astonishingly good. Our team has been inspired by filmmakers who have broken with the traditional paths to financing in order to protect their creative integrity. Coming directly to the audience to crowdfund our budget allows us to do the same.

To learn more about the show and watch a teaser video that gives a hint of what’s to come, click this link — and donate! . We'll also include the video below.


(Photos and information courtesy of 'The Disappointments')

9 thoughts on “THE DISAPPOINTMENTS – New Web Series Focusing On An Overlooked LGBTQ Generation. Can You Relate?”

  1. Rich Burns is the funniest

    Rich Burns is the funniest person I know, and the trailer he put together to advertise for the indiegogo campaign is brill.  Totes looking forward to season one!

  2. Y’all get ready for the next

    Y’all get ready for the next “Will and Grace” without the censorship of Network TV!!!

  3. I’m sorry to learn that so

    I'm sorry to learn that so much valuable time in one's life is taken up by looking in the rear view mirror. I had lost several friends to AIDS before a cure or treatment was developed. I have known of two suicides related to depression by my Gay friends. But…having stated that, I feel so blessed by the life God has given me that my prayers are devoted to asking God how I might help others in this world who have not been so blessed. Let's let go of the past and look ahead on our journey rather than in the rear view mirror. 

  4. Looks really interesting.

    Looks really interesting. Have read his screenplay, and think he’s one of the most gifted writers out there.  Definitely donating, and will be tuning in.  Thanks for the great article  


  5. These are stories that need

    These are stories that need to be told.  And coming from the mind and pen of Rich Burns, they will be…with a unique & masterful blend of humor and pathos. From what I’ve seen so far, “The Disappointments” will be anything but.

  6. Finally, a funny and poignant

    Finally, a funny and poignant look at the absurd and serious issues confronting middle-aged gay men …finally something for daddies! Can't wait to see the finished piece! Big hugs, Rich!

  7. Thanks, Instinct, for

    Thanks, Instinct, for reporting on this cool new project!   It looks like it will be a fantastic web-series.  All the people involved look super creative.   I can't wait to see this show!

  8. I was so excited to see this

    I was so excited to see this and to reconnect with Rich Burns who I have known for quite sometime.

    When I first saw the trailer, I reached out to Rich and asked him if he had been following for my 30 plus years kicking around Hollywood while pursuing my dreams and not having them realized. 

    The trailer is so true to life and made me laugh at the absurdity of it all. Can't wait till the project goes into production and it is made. It is a story that needs to be told. 

    Bravo Rich. 

  9. I am so thrilled this kind of

    I am so thrilled this kind of show is happening.  I can’t wait to watch it and will support it all the way. 


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