The Dream Daddy Video Game Just Got A New Comic Series

Fans of Dream Daddy, and DILFS in general, are rejoicing right now

Dream Daddy is a video game focused on dating hot DILFs. It’s a dating sim or visual novel which means a text-based game that’s much like a novel but with added visuals and sometimes additional voice acting and mini-games.

Dream Daddy specifically found your character, a father of one, moving to a new neighborhood, getting ready for his daughter’s departure to college, and choosing between seven datable dad archetypes like Hipster Dad, Sporty Dad, Goth Dad, and more.

Last year, Dream Daddy became a surprise hit in the video gaming world with attention pulling in from general geekdom and gaydom.

Now, according to Polygon, the story within Dream Daddy is continuing with the first issue of a comic book series!

“There are so many more stories we wanted to explore in the DDADDS universe,” said Vernon Shaw who co-created the original video game. “And Oni is giving us this amazing new outlet to tell them. Hope everyone likes Dad jokes!”

“It’s always been a dream of mine to work on a comic book series,” added fellow co-creator Leighton Gray. “I couldn’t be happier that we got to make all these cool new Dad stories with such cool people!”

The issue, titled “Much Abird About Nothing” and created by Wendy Xu, Ryan Maniulit, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, was published by Oni Press and is the first in a five-part series.

This first issue focuses on the relationship between the main character and “Sporty Dad” Craig.

As comiXology describes the issue:

“It’s college reunion time! Who’d have thought that it’s already been fifteen years since Keg-Stand Craig and the new Dad on the block went to college? This one’s like a buddy cop comedy, only there are no cops and more avoiding old flames while trying to stifle an existential breakdown, bro.”

The first issue of the five-part series is out now and can be purchased at Comixology and other comics sites.

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