The Dudes of ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Strip Down in Latest Episode

The latest episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend finds three of its stars stripping down to their underwear at a gay bar.  Yay.  But… how did we get to this point?

White Josh, Nathaniel and Josh Chan, who are all very fit guys as we can see, performed a strip tease at a packed bar which eventually led to them having an ugly cry which is hilarious yet still hot at the same time.

This all began when White Josh and Nathaniel hit up a gay bar to get over their respective breakups, but a bachelorette party ruined their plans as the girls insulted them for moping around.

The girls in question proclaimed that hot guys don't have real problems, which then leads to the two of them getting on stage to prove that they really, really do. Then, Josh Chan joins them, dances, sings about hot guy problems, then cries.

See the clip below:


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