The Eco-friendly Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show You’ve Been Waiting For

A video is circulating online that shows asian men modeling various elaborate costumes made from eco-friendly materials that mocks the style of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show–and this queen is giving us our banana leaf-loving life!

Move over Alessandra Ambrosio, 3Pot is coming to take over now that you're not a VS Angel! 3Pot is a Chinese team of video makers that upload their fashion looks to MeiPei, a Chinese video channel much like YouTube.

The video serves 4 looks that are made of foliage, food, and raw materials–but I wonder which one is the Million Dollar bra?

You be the judge of these angels:

You can't a price on this type of luxury

See the inspiration?

Serving green banana realness all day

And here's the kicker–

For when you have a fashion show at 6 and you have to do laundry at 7.

Yaaaaassss! Werk!

Watch the whole fashion show here:



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